Starting Smart is a Pregnancy Outreach Program for families from the prenatal period until a baby is six months old.
In co-operation with the Stepping Stones Toddler Program, we provide play-based learning opportunities to create awareness and build skills.

These programs are for Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Guardians- Anyone involved in a child's life!

We Provide Lunch, Milk and Bread to take home and learning opportunities to share together and build skills.

Watch the Bulkley Browser or see our Monthly-Calendar for more information on our weekly events.

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Our services are open to the whole community and we welcome any family that is starting out with pregnancy- Even if this is the tenth baby- All are welcome!
Our Birthing Preparation Classes are offered free of charge to Starting Smart participants.
For Doula support please call 250 877 2813

We also provide one-on-one Outreach Services by appointment.

There is no cost, and no strings attached!

Join us, won't you?

*Call 250-842-4516* for more information

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